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Customer Experience Specialist. Committed to making a big difference through one improved experience at a time.

The give and take, take, take in Customer Experience

Photo by Ingo Joseph from Pexels By it's very nature, customer experience is about striving towards and achieving better outcomes. It's about being in service of your customers.  It's about recognising the type of 'value' this can create as the contribution you are part of. We still have a lot of confusion in this space. [...]

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Virtual and Augmented Reality | Revolution of the shopping experience

Virtual and augmented reality have a significant impact on the shopping experience and are forcing retailers to change dramatically. Remember the Tom Cruise movie Minority Report, in which entering a store elicited a personal message from an automated system? Now this is a reality, it is now so easy to find the products you need [...]

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Ask yourself, why are you interested in customer experience?

When I started my first assignment as an independent customer experience consultant, I thought the many years I had prior to this would put me in good stead. After all I had been working in corporates leading customer experience improvements and agency side planning brand experiences for some of the world's biggest names. Now as [...]

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Customer Experience is evolving. Don’t get left behind

Look in the rear view mirror and you will see customer experience being 'sold' as a means to generate more customer transactions for the purpose of driving profit for shareholders. Look forward towards the horizon and you will see customer experience being 'applied' to create better outcomes which lead to positive societal gains. The last [...]

How the future of customer experience change has been accelerated by Covid-19

We recently caught up with a long term friend of Clientship, Prof Dr Phil Klaus. Phil has had scientidfic papers on customer experience measurement (the right way to do it) published many years ago, as well as a best selling book on the topic. His evidence based approached to customer experience has proven hugely popular [...]

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Will the real experts please step forward

In uncertain times, and when opportunities are rare, there is a tendancy to overstate credentials in order to gain advantage. This may well be https://www.german-retail-blog.com/topic/past-blogs/UK-summer-tour-Talk-with-Matthew-Brown-484

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Grateful for the recognition from our peers

It's great to celebrate being recognised once in a while. Twice in quick succcesion is great. But three times in a week! Wow. We are blown away. But that's exactly what has happened. First our CEO, Christopher Brooks was named as a Top 30 Customer Service Influencer by ProcedureFlow. Second SurveySensum announced their Global CX [...]

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The impact of Covid-19 on consumers will change customer experience forever

Since March 2020, we have been tracking the impact of the forced lockdown caused by Covid-19 has had on consumers. We have also been observing the way in which companies have responded to the pandemic crisis. This has been in terms of their response to their customers, as well as employees, their communities (local economy [...]

Clientship’CX Superheroes podcast series reaches new heights

We are delighted to be recognised by Buzzsprout, podcast platform for achieving 2,000 downloads of our CX Superheroes podcast series. Featuring on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher and Google Podcasts, the series hosted by Clientship's MD Christopher Brooks has been running for less than 6 months. But the topic has really appealled to the CX Community. [...]

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Clientship’s MD recognised as a global influencer in Customer Service

We are delighted that Christopher Brooks, CEO Clientship has been recognised in a recent influencers poll created by ProcedureFlow. Whilst we accept recognition and reward is truly earned from clients, colleagues and for contribution back to the CX Community, we are chuffed to see our MD's name alongside others we see as progressive CX influencers [...]

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