Financial Services

The financial industry is undergoing an extraordinary transformation process, basically motivated for the following reasons:

  • The accelerated penetration of the mobile channel (in some cases even surpassing internet banking).
  • New non-traditional financial players, who are accessing large consumer markets in emerging markets.
  • The loss of trust from customers following the financial crisis in developed countries.
  • The new requirements of capital and liquidity derived of Basel III, redefining the perimeter of the commercial activity of the entities.
  • The ever growing competition, not only for mature markets, but for emerging markets as well.

All of the above compels, more than ever, the banks and other financial operators, to place customers on the center of their business, integrating three elements as their axis for a real vision of customer centricity on banking:

  • Digitalization and profound technological transformation across all your channels.
  • The creation of a value proposition highly segmented and dynamic.
  • Designing customer relationship models with strong personality and differentiation from the competition.


Clientship collaborates with various international banking
groups in the design and implementation of customer strategy models
that guarantee the positioning towards their customers on the midterm,
generating in addition new sources for value creation.