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Any organization with points of sale (clothing stores, pharmacies, car rental, bookshops, cafes, perfumeries, etc.) should consider customer experience as a key requirement of their business.

Nowadays customers always have an alternative between shopping comfortably from their home/smartphone and visiting an establishment. Therefore it is of the utmost importance provides something necessarily unattainable through online shopping:

  • Expert advice.
  • A pleasant space generating positive emotions.

In reality the products are the same that can be bought online, reason why the only two differentiating factors are space and service.
Nevertheless, this evidence is not always a priority within the management of many retail chains. The basic focus continues to be the product, to a lesser extent POS of sale design and, on several occasions in a much more intuitive than rational way, the layout of showcases and promotions.


Clientship features plenty success stories of traditional retail chains that have made a considerable leap
in their business through customer experience programs. In many cases these initiatives have granted
the leap towards the Internet, accomplishing more clicks from their clients throughout their Twitter, Instagram and Facebook Page,
resulting in customer advocacy and the arrival of new clients flow
to the point of sale to that point unthinkable with the conventional marketing mix they used to apply.

Offering a unique experience grants the brand with an extraordinary growth potential . The global leading retail chains were conscious of this competitive key factor that allows them to maintain a personality and making their business model scalable worldwide.

Clientship has developed projects also with retailers with the need
to respond against the entrance to their national markets of international operators, including large players online.
In this cases, the solution always launch with an initial phase of innovating the business model,
allowing to address processes nurturing the brand and approaching a profound reengineering of their experience.

Finally emphasizing that the point of sale experience is much more than performing satisfaction surveys. Basically means implementing an authentic value proposition differentiated from the main competitors, and being able to maintain this creative and emotional flow over time, positively surprising clients in a consistent manner and building long term, stable relationships with them.