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The insurance industry is facing a very delicate crossroad around two elements that influence significantly in their own capacity of defining their strategic positioning:

  • On the one hand, mediator´s weight, increasingly sophisticated, large and organized, that has been extending their significance in the value chain, incorporating important consulting services and risk counselling, and progressively “monopolizing” the relationship at least with the large corporate clients.
  • The appearance of “low cost” insurance companies, the arrival of new value propositions adapted to non-traditional market segments, and whether they are or are not property of conventional insurance companies, came to transform the service perception and its value, after being basically stable for several centuries.

In the center of both vectors; greater intermediation in high value customers on one side, and an increasing disintermediation on the opposite side of low value customers, the insurance companies have not been quick enough with their internal transformation, and probably are, the last major economic industry who is seriously considering approaching initiatives oriented towards improving the customer experience.

From our standpoint, both tendencies, bound to the increasing weight of banks in the insurance business and the ties with their consumer and credit products, place the larger insurances companies in a situation of deeply reviewing their entire business model, with a crystal clear derivation onto everything that refers to customer strategy:

  • Alignment of the brand with the business focus.
  • Re-segmentation of clients and going over the value proposition for each one of them.
  • Valorization of customer experience and of the value curve.


Clientship has collaborated with international and local insurance companies,
singularly with those who have taken a step forward towards adapting and anticipating
this delicate competitive situation.