I’m sure we’ve all attended an event or read an article telling us to ‘wow’ customers, achieve ‘awesome’ outcomes or be the ‘difference’ in their day. But do we really need to be so hyped up about customer experience? Perhaps we do to get heard. But then, we need get serious and get down to business. After all, CX is a business choice which approached correctly can create distinction and increase retention profitably. However, like everything there is plenty of fake news out there. Just look at the ‘shift’ from commentators on measuring NPS recently.

Stick with a reliable source; your people. The true CX Superheroes are already working within organisations and delivering experiences to customers every day. When empowered to to prioritise what matters most, the magic really happens. I believe everyone has a CX Superpower. When you help bring it to life it’s incredible what can be achieved. But importantly, because these Superheroes are grounded in the realities of their world, the CX improvement ideas they arrive at are practical first. In fact, practically perfect.

These examples of great CX may not have you whooping in the aisles, but will put a smile on your customer’s face.

They have three things in common:

1) A customer purpose which is relevant, meaningful and believable

2) An alignment of the activation back to the purpose sense checked against a set of branded customer standards

3) An empowerment of staff entrusted to deliver that experience

Provide colleagues with guidance, confidence and a CX tool kit to transform them in to CX Superheroes and they will deliver experience improvements customers truly value.

If you’d like to know how to become a CX Superhero, please provide your details and we will let you know how:

    Are you the Disney Princess I’ve heard about?

    When Freddie Wieczorek took on the role of security guard at Disney’s Florida park, little did he know he would become a poster boy for CX. But that’s what has happened. His role is to keep the customers safe in the park, and to do that he’s out amongst them always. He also is responsible for delivering the Disney vision; create happiness. Armed with those two directions, Freddie has taken it upon himself to carry an autograph book. When he sees a little girl dressed in a Disney Princess outfit he approaches them, bringing the parents in on the experience, and asks, ‘Are you the Disney Princess?’ And then asks for an autograph. The princess’ blush and the parents melt.

    A simple gesture of how to brilliantly interpret a vision through into your role.

    CitizenM – Nice shoes!

    I’ve just recorded episode 2 in Clientship’s Customer Experience Superheroes podcast, in which we feature CitizenM. There are too many experiences designed into the hotel to mention. But this one personifies what CitizenM does really well.

    First you take a standard, basic often utilitarian object, such as a shampoo bottle, lift door or as in this case, a door mat. And then you think about the emotional state the customer is and finally apply a healthy dollop of brand humour. And you create moments across the hotel.

    This one, ‘nice shoes’ on a door mat in every Citizen M hotel lifts the spirits at the point of orientation when you enter a hotel and your brain is trying to work out, where do I go? You don’t expect it, and it therefore it stays in the memory.

    Amazon – T is for Tour, T is for Transparency and T is for Trust

    I signed up for the Amazon Fulfilment Centre tour because I knew a client who was faced with a package handling logistical challenge and I needed inspiration. But anyone can, and I suggest you do. One a ‘visitor’ level it’s well run and a good walk around the journey of a parcel. You meet the robots, you follow the conveyor belts, walk amongst the chirpy staff, see heat sticker alchemy before your eyes and learn why nothing ever leaves Amazon damaged! You are well looked after with a greet and gift set up. Lovely.

    From a professionals perspective, what you see beyond the obvious sights and hear between the standard tour presentation is pure gold. The tour allows you to feel you hear and see everything. As an open book, a shop factory floor, there is something very raw and basic about Amazon. You see every item being carefully processed. The scale of what is happening in front of you is overwhelming. The organisational skills and logistics required to run this everywhere, all the time blow your mind. And yet it feels a million miles away from one of the world’s largest corporates because of the human faces and voice over provided by tour guides. So you respect Amazon through their transparency and recognise the size of what they are dealing, so very well. And throughout the tour operator states, ‘if I was a customer here, how would I want my order handled?’ demonstrating the customer is at the forefront of their mind, creating a trust not achievable from a TV ad or 100 items delivered undamaged and on time. Brilliant and simple experience.

    So the next time you hear someone shouting, ‘CX is a no brainer’ from the comfort of a stage or beaming, ‘make it happen, it’s easy – I did it’, recalling tales from conquests past, smile politely, but feel free to switch off and think about getting back to your office.

    Remember, it’s your staff who have the best ideas. They arledy have them, they just need coaxining out. Focus on empowering colleagues to become CX Superheroes and they will bring to life great experiences like those in this blog, for their customers.

    If you’d like more information on how to turn your colleagues into CX Superheroes by unlocking their CX Superpowers, message me on LinkedIn or email me on christopher.brooks@clientship.com.