Having been involved with one event which was taken online and one which was shelved for 6 months, I will take the former over the later every time. So it’s great to see the South East Europe Customer Experience Awards 2020 are still happening on May 29th 2020. They have been switched to a virtual format. And I, and no doubt all involved are most grateful for the effort Neil Skehel, CEO of the organisation behind the awards.

Having judged previously I know how much work the Awards International team put into to making this events the #awardexperience they are. I recall with great fondness one years judging I think it was at the Connaught Rooms in London when during the awards dinner an argument escalated into a fight between the waiters over the origin of wines I think it was. As a judge on a table with entrants we look shocked. In fact the whole room was speechless, and then the duelling waiters broke out into opera and more of them joined in and to the audiences relief initially, then amusement and finally sheer delight the ‘actors’ put on a brilliant operatic display. Great events, always brilliantly delivered.

So knowing what high standards they hold I am massively looking forward to judging at this event and very excited to see how the virtual format works. Best of luck to all who are apart of this.

And lets not forget, perhaps most importantly, everyone who has entered will have put blood, sweat and toil into both the improvement they’ve submitted as well as the submission. The opportunity to receive an award live, will still happen. Just being there means you are a success. This for me is what makes the CX Awards from Awards International stand out, because you get to hear the passion and get a real appreciation of the scale of the challenge the entries have had to contend with to achieve their success internally.

Regardless of whether you collect your gong on stage or remotely, the prestige of collecting such a treasured award is no less diminished. And if you win, it’s yours forever! Long after lockdown.