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Contact Centers (CC) have spent the last few years going through every stage possible in their configuration as a key element of the value chain with customers:

  • An early stage (80’s and 90’s) for off-shoring and simultaneous outsourcing, where the only important thing was reducing costs and maximizing outbound commercial activity of the centers. Fruit of this stage, coupled to the still to this date lack of legislation regarding the protection of personal information, gives the “Bad Reputation” to the industry, with people from remote locations, making commercial phone calls, most of the time too aggressive in content and schedules, to people who felt completely powerless. In regards to the activity of inbound attention, at that time the complaints had to do with the shortcomings of first call resolutions (FCR), which fell into frustration and emotional disconnection of the client towards the brand.
  • In 2000 a substantial quality improvement occurs, the centers begin to segment and diversify in terms of content, with much more concern for the agent’s formation and the effectiveness in the response provided on help desk and contact centers. Even today outbound activity continues to be a real challenge for these companies.
  • Most recently, multichannel has come to transform the industry. On the one hand the tendency of specializing centers continues, with more qualified profiles and even an insourcing process as well as the return of specific centers for premium clients. On the other hand, alternative channels, basically advanced FAQ’s and live chats online are diminishing the importance of inbound activity, while selling via Internet and Mobile affects outbound activity, however to a lesser extent.

As a consequence of this evolution, the Contact Centers are at this time facing a major challenge: efficiency. With increasingly limited resources, and with the necessity of integrating with new channels online, the challenge of improving customer experience is unlike any other industry; it is not just a matter of improving the experience, but having the satisfaction meet with complex business requirements bound to costs.


Since its founding Clientship collaborates with various first class contact centers, in Spain and Latin America, supporting them with transformation models what allow an improvement in service quality without disregarding budget optimization or the available resources for the centers.