We are delighted to be recognised by Buzzsprout, podcast platform for achieving 2,000 downloads of our CX Superheroes podcast series.

Featuring on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher and Google Podcasts, the series hosted by Clientship’s MD Christopher Brooks has been running for less than 6 months. But the topic has really appealled to the CX Community. Now with the third series complete, we have series 4 scheduled for recordings and interest from contributors for series 5.

In series 1 and 2 we met CX Rockstar James Dodkins on the importance of an influencer in CX. We spoke with employee engagement specialaist Simon Gilbert. We also caught up with Carlos Espinosa on the cultural differences between Latan and Europe in CX. And Simon Hinks reminded us how important data protection is in CX if you want to win over customer trust.

Now in our third series we’ve had another great set of contributors. With links to each epoisode, here’s what Series 3 had to offer:

Episode 1The Customer Experience World Games – A lockdown project involving the CX Community. Helen Burt from Limetropy and an organiser of the CXWG games tell us more about the origination, the set up and what’s been acheived so far.

Episode 2The Ultra High Networth Customer Experience –  We meet up with the world’s leading academic in Customer Experience, Prof Dr Phil Klaus. He exclusively shares with us his studies into the previously unreachable Ultra High Net Worth consumer.

Episode 3Crisis Management in Customer Experience –  As the Fire Services’ first CX Manager and now independent advisor,  David Wales explains how important it is to ensure all voices are heard and not just the customers, if you want to have intergrated and collaborative engagement.

Episode 4Customer Experience and Service Recovery – Completing our third series we welcome Katie Stabler, contributor to a new Customer Experience 2 publication released in July 2020. Through an experienced career in service, Katie shares the importance of treating recovery as a customer experience opportunity.

All episodes are available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher and Buzzsprout.

We hope you enjoy these episodes. If you do, be sure to check series 1 and 2 as well.