We are delighted that Christopher Brooks, CEO Clientship has been recognised in a recent influencers poll created by ProcedureFlow. Whilst we accept recognition and reward is truly earned from clients, colleagues and for contribution back to the CX Community, we are chuffed to see our MD’s name alongside others we see as progressive CX influencers in the sector.

The talent on the list includes a few stars familiar to us here at Clientship through our mutual association with the force for good movement, ‘Customer Experience World Games’. Coincidentally, founded by Christopher Brooks. Shout outs of congrats go to those who also appeared on the list and registered to play: Nate Brown, Jenny Dempsey, Ricardo Gulko and Jeremy Watkin. It’s great to be counted in your esteemed company once again.

In the listing, Procedure Flow describe Christopher as:

A customer experience specialist, speaker, and podcast host. Located in London, England, Chris is CEO of Clientship, an international customer strategy consulting firm.

We can vouch for him on all counts. If you want see or hear more of what Christopher speaks about on CX, then you can catch one of his three content broadcasts:

CX Leaders interviews in MyCustomer magazine – These feature the CX leasders of today sharing their strategies and successes.

SHED TALKS – This YouTube channel is designed to give a platform for anyone with a CX point to share with others.

CX Superheroes – Now in it’s third series, the CX Superheroes podcast series highlights the superpowers needed to excel in CX today.

Enjoy all three and thanks again to ProcedureFlow.