We recently caught up with a long term friend of Clientship, Prof Dr Phil Klaus. Phil has had scientidfic papers on customer experience measurement (the right way to do it) published many years ago, as well as a best selling book on the topic. His evidence based approached to customer experience has proven hugely popular and sustainable when translated into business models and repeatable actions.

CX Day lands upon us every 2nd Tuesday in October. Phil and Christopher were approached by the CXPA to host the ‘Fireside Chat’ slot. In this rare video of the two together (normally only reserved for boardrooms, the Clientship Lab and lecture halls) they discuss a new piece of reserach. Porf Dr Phil Klaus has been tracking the changing state of customer behaviour as a direct consquence of Covid-19. And we’ve been keeping up to speed on what companies are doing in response, with over 250 examples logged.

There are 3 major trends which every CX leader needs to be planning into their customer centric culture work. Phil highlights how these trends have arrived, how they are manifesting and the impact it is having on customer experience.

Tune in and update your priorities for customer experience. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=70VsaKABZMM

Clientship has reviewed in details Prof Klaus’ 3E study and aligned it to customer behaviours and company responses, which is available in Clientships The Right CX Response response which is available here.