In lockdown, we can forget to have those fruitful discussions we took for granted over lunch. at the water cooler or with colleagues at hospitality events. So we have launched a new alternative 3rd place for Customer Experience practitioners and professionals to head to – the garden shed! That’s right we invite anyone who wants to share a view on customer experience, with specific relevance to impacts due to the current crisis to sign up for a SHED TALK.

You can book in at your convenience through Calendly link. Chooser a time and date that works for you. After 5 minutes of off air intros and discussion, we record and then broadcast your views on YouTube and LinkedIn. If you want to promote a product or service that can help customers, employees, communities and society at large we’d love to give you the platform.

Head to SHED TALKS to book your slot. And head to YouTube to catch the first episode of SHED TALK