Since March 2020, we have been tracking the impact of the forced lockdown caused by Covid-19 has had on consumers. We have also been observing the way in which companies have responded to the pandemic crisis. This has been in terms of their response to their customers, as well as employees, their communities (local economy and supply chain) and society in general.

Our conclusion is that the last three months has disrupted customer’s expectations and decision making than the last 30 years have. Not only that, but it is still ongoing. How companies behave over the next few months will continue to redefine their future importance and even relevance to their customers. 50% of organisation accept they will need to significantly change their customer experience to accommodate changing customer needs. Those organisations who have a purpose aligned to customers (rather than customer transactions) stand to gain. The Edelman Trust Barometer highlights that consumers have been impressed by companies showing compassion and demonstrating innovation during these times, with over third suggesting they will try these companies.

So what’s changed and why?

The mind set of the customer has changed. There are a new set of priorities which impact the customer experiences they will now value.

These are framed as EEE (Emotions-Employment-Expectation). They explain how consumers now have a different set of priorities based on their experiences of lockdown in the last three months.

Companies, often to survive, have responded in one of four ways; carry on regardless, chase new revenue, show willing and meaningful contribution.

The combination of both changes has created disruption across almost all sectors, way beyond the impact the arrival of mass consumerism, service as a solution or online has.

This reserach is a combination of 100 days of reviews of company responses to the pandemic and the academic studies completed by Prof Dr Phil Klaus in to the changing consumer mindset. The resulting document is a unique chronicle of both what has happened to consumers and how organsiations need to respond to remain valuable to their customers going forward.

Free Report on ‘How Covid-19 has change customer experience forever’

Attached is the free ‘The Right Response’ report produced by Christopher Brooks, CEO Clientship. In it he explains the challenges consumers and companies have been facing during lockdown. We conclude how customer experience has evolved to a more societal contributory model. Conventional CX approaches (and current teachings) are largely outdated. Consumers expect and value contributions far more reaching than associated with the transactions and contracts they exchange with companies.

Some academics and experts had predicted this evolution coming and now consider a more inclusive approach for customer experience. Which means we will start to see a divide between those out of date, and those in tune with changing requirements.

In the report we cover the following topics:

  • What’s been happening during lockdown?
    • Customers reactions (EEE Mindset)
      • Emotions – increased appreciation of the everyday ordinary aspects of life
      • Employment – an experience of a more fulfilling work/ life balance
      • Expectations – the increased consideration of societal potential of CX
  • Company responses
    • Four observed responses
      • Carry on (regardless)
      • Seek new revenue
      • Be seen to care
      • Meaningful contribution
    • Don’t forget BAU
    • Delivering a Positive Customer Experience during Covid19
    • Positively connecting with customers as lockdown restrictions are eased
  • The Right Response
    • Clientship’s The Right CX Response – guiding and growing customer experience success

Download a copy of the complete report: Clientships The Right CX Response

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