Customer Experience Management

A great customer experience is what customers enjoy.

To acheive this you need a great customer experience management (CEM).

We help you ensure you have the most effective Customer Experience Management set up in your organisation. Whilst the principles and fundamentals are the same the world over, the specifcs vary, determined by the sector conditions, your CX maturity, your business operating model and your motivation to be customer-centric. We work with clients to understand the impact of these factors. Typically this will involve establishing the following:

  • Purpose & Contribution 
  • Personas & Empathy Maps
  • Customer Journey & Touchpoint Mapping 
  • Customer Principles, Standards / Charter
  • Process Design
  • Performance Measurement

These elements, combined, always generate results, change, transformation, the shift from delivering CX to being recognised for it.

If you are tired of just hearing the right words and want real and proven implementation of CEM, at Clientship we have the answers, earned through years of working with clients under differing conditions to ensure customer experience incresingly becomes an important reason their customers choose them over the competition.