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(Formerly: Global Transformation of the Brand)

None of the customer strategy models make sense if they are not applied.

Not infrequently, Clientship launches a project when the client has lost all hope of applying theoretical models or is facing a dead end: What do I do with the pretty slides we bought from that consultant?, how can I put to the test what we heard during the customers experience conference?

We call “experience global transformation” to the process of turning ideas into results, and this based in three key pillars:

  • Transformation workshops
  • Consolidation wheel
  • Evaluation and continuous improvement, supported by the solutions of our technological partner InMoment

These three elements, combined, always generate results, change, transformation… magic!

For still, after all these years, we maintain the same hope when we look at the middle business line “Buying” a customer-centric management model.

If you are tired of just hearing the right words and want real and proven implementation of customer experience models, Clientship is the reliable partner in which many of the largest companies have been trusting for several years now.


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