Customer Experience Training & Accreditations

Clientship provides several formats for customer centric training. We recognise that organisations’ specifics demand tailored content and training to align to their ways of working and the specific customer centric approach they are pursuing. Therefore we have three training programme formats.

Essentials: 6 Learning Modules, 3 Development Case Studies

6 x 2 hour modules covering topics as:

  • Customer centricity fundamentals
  • Customer operating blueprint
  • Customer experience core tools
  • Customer centricity accountability
  • Bringing customer centricity to life

Using three case study templates, participants apply their knowledge to create their own customer centric programme.

 Advancing: Practitioner & Application Modular Training

Several half day practical workshop sessions (on premise or virtual) on key areas of customer centricity such as:

  • Customer centric strategy
  • Customer Journey mapping skills
  • Customer Persona development
  • Voice of the Customer and Feedback Loops,
  • Customer connections, listening and emotional engagement
  • Employee engagement and Ambassador programmes
  • Reviewing the organization’s customer performance measurement suite
  • Developing a customer centric culture
  • Organizational alignment and communication
  • CX prioritization and improvement methods
  • Customer experience enablers

 Expert: CX Certification

We work with Professor Dr Phil Klaus, the highest European authority in Customer Experience Management, author of unique research studies on the subject, and the best seller Measuring Customer Experience. The Institute’s value proposition revolves around a 5-level CX Certification journey, ranging from entry-level front-office employees to CEO and C-level executives willing to move faster and outperform their competitors.

“Compete FOR your customers, not against your competitors”
Prof. Dr. Phil Klaus, Phil Klaus Institute


This Certification guarantees the achievement of a class-leading standard of CX attitudes for your front-office customer service and sales teams.


This second-stage certification provides branch/store managers with the tools and knowledge required to lead the continuous delivery of the best customer experience achieved through their CX-led engaged teams.


Is the perfect certification level for managers whom oversees a group of branches, such as Area Managers.


Connecting operations, value propositions, and customer experience with a systemic, validated, and high-profit-driven approach is one of the main benefits senior executives 


With this top strategic certification, leading CEO’s worldwide will have all the tools required to become their sector-leading CX vanguard.