Customer Experience Transformation

The brand exists from the moment the enterprise is founded. With the first interaction with a prospect, so does the need for customer expeirence. Organisations grow and focus and investment and intent into these two assets for sustainable competitive advantage can be compromised or taken for granted.

Understanding the value branded experience can deliver to an orgsanisation reignites the passion for the brand and the customer. A transformation is often required becuase many areas of the organisation will be impacted if ‘experiemce’ is to be valued, desired and considered a reason for choice by customers.

This touches everyone in the organisation, and often impacts priorities, ways or working, what is delivered and how. To suggest this requires anything less than a transformative mindset and a comprehesive programme for change underestimates the requirement.

The incremental value from CX as a competitive advatange can be significant to revenues and bottom line, as well as staff retention right through to share price.

To acheive the gain, you need a partner with a proven track record across the globe working with organisations who have accelerated the value of and benefited  from rewards which can be gained from effective CX Transformation. 81% of CX programmes fail to acheive their potential, understanding the dynamics of success through transformation is essential before you embark on that journey.

  • Defining the Brand Experience, to emphasise the organisations desirable distinction through the experiences delivered as a beleviable, ownable and deliverable competitive strength.
  • Aligning the Customer Value Propositions and its business unit practices to the customer prioritites to ensure customers are attracted to associate and retain relationships with the organsiation based on a differentiation to the competition which is desired and motivating.
  • Re-evaluating Operations, Practices and Process , to esnure the customer’s expectations and desired outcomes are the basis for all.
  • Recognising the importance of Leadership Competencies to represent the customer’s voice within the organsiation and ensure their interests are reflected in all decision making
  • Performance Management & Governance are critical to ensure rapid learning and disciplined growth through CX. As a science it’s often confused by enthusiasm and energy.  Like other business practices, CX demands reigour and accountability.