Customer Experience Transformation

Formerly: Customer Experience Strategy

The brand exists from the moment the enterprise is founded. It requires constant nurturing and updating to keep it alive in the hearts and minds of it’s audiences. When the brand is synonymous with a desirable distinction in a market, the organisation’s equity incresases as it competes on favourable terms with it’s competition. The brand experience is critical to this success:

Nurturing the Brand experience in this regard entails:

  • Defining the Brand Positioning and Focus, to emphasise the organisations desirable distinction as a beleviable, ownable and deliverable competitive strength.
  • Aligning the Company’s Value Propositions and its business unit practices to the Brand Focus to ensure customers are attracted to associate and retain relationships with the organsiation based on a differentiation to the competition which is desired and motivating.
  • Re-evaluating Customer Segments, working the concept “cluster” based on experience priorities (customer groupings pursuing the same experience), and even, with help from Big Data and CRM, defining Nano-Segmentation Models.
  • Updating the positioning for each segment, defining actions that can improve their short term effectiveness.
  • Lastly, working with commercial and marketing teams, translating all of the above into a highly productive and stable client targeting as a base for an increasing and profitable generation of income to the company.


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